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Post by Fivedeed » Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:43 pm

Hi Everybody !

I'm trying to promote an 'On Demand' film screening of 'Embrace' on 8th March at the Odeon in Head Street, which is a documentary promoting positive body image for women - trying to support those who struggle with their body shape and compare themselves unfavourably to the 'perfect' women in the glossy mags ...ending up by feeling that they are not good enough as people because of it.

I have to sell a total of 64 tickets and things have been a little slow. I need to find somewhere or someone with a good printer who would be able to run off a handful of A4 & A5 posters free of charge for me - so that I could go around the town and put some up in cafes etc. I have been sent the official PDF's - but my printer is not up to the job to make it look pro ...

Is there anyone who could help please ? Or do you know someone who would be willing to help a good cause ?

Thanks Amanda xxx

Ps see you weds x

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