An Appeal for help

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An Appeal for help

Post by Fivedeed » Thu May 11, 2017 9:32 pm

Hi Everyone :D

Does anyone have a spare Canon camera (that can take EF lenses) that I would be able to borrow on Saturday for a charity event please ?
I am going to the event linked below to help raise money for Esther - a lovely young lady who is battling cancer for the 4th time. We are hoping to raise lots of money to help towards costs associated with treatment and also to provide funds for Esther to realise some of her dreams, whilst she is still well enough.
I had planned to offer my photographic services, however, my camera is having its focusing screen replaced and so is in the workshop.

I know it's a tall order and I wish I had money to hire one - however, things are tight at the moment - so my time and services are all I am able to offer to help with the fundraising.

Thanks for reading and see you all next week

Amanda xxx ... ef=mr&lp=8

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