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Updated forum

Post by creativeadmin » Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:10 am

Hi folks,
The forum has been quiet of late as I disabled it for a few days whilst it was being transferred to a new and much cheaper hosting company.

I took this opportunity to upgrade the forum to the very latest version so although it looks much the same, under the bonnet it is significantly different.

The forum has a couple of mods (additional non-standard features) - the email notifications and the gallery. I hadn't upgraded the forum to the new version before as the gallery mod didn't work with the later forum versions.

However, since January 2015, a new guy has taken over the abandoned gallery mod and has been working on making it compatible with the new version. You will notice a few differences to the previous gallery version - you can now upload more than one image at a time and images can be watermarked but there are one or two glitches that exist due to it being a work-in-progress but it is definitely usable.

Unfortunately the old gallery couldn't be transferred to the new forum so I have had to import all your images manually. I, as board Admin, am unable to create sub-albums so at the moment all your images have been imported into your general album.
I am happy to help you all get your images in the right albums but that will probably have to wait until the new year.

If you see anything amiss with the new website and forum, please let me know and fingers crossed the email notification works and you all receive this in your inbox!

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