Spring has Sprung

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Spring has Sprung

Post by Fivedeed » Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:48 am

Hi Everyone !

For any of you that get excited about flower and nature photography .....


I met Victoria at the Photography Show a couple of weeks ago. She is a very friendly and inspiring young lady with heaps of talent. If you are into macro photography - then take a look for some Springtime Inspiration !!

She specialises in butterflies and snakes in their natural environments and like Chris Packham, is a great believer in 'focussing' on the things that are living on your doorstep. She has become an expert with her Adder images because she has studied the behaviour of her local snakes.

She insisted that we, as responsible photographers, shouldn't support those who take the snakes out of their environment by picking them up and placing them elsewhere specifically to be photographed. Adders are greatly affected by this practice and are then unable to reproduce. Very specific body temperatures and timing are required for them to mate successfully, plus females have only a biennial breeding cycle. I was uneasy with the concept already - but had considered doing such a photoshoot at one time because of my strong desire to photograph these fascinating creatures. I shall have to rely on patience and determination instead !!

Happy Macro-ing :D

Amanda x

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