amanda clowe


I've loved Photography all my life and took it up as a serious hobby 5 years ago. I'm a 'Canon Girl' with a 5D Mk 111 - and my favourite subjects are -:

  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Coastal Photography
  • Ancient Buildings

Photography gives me the freedom to capture amazing things - the simple yet exquisite beauty of a flower; the innocent expression of a dog; the smiles of the people I love; the perfection of the Cornish coastline spread out before me; the glorious imperfection of a boat's rotting carcass laid up on the shingle; the interplay of colours that Nature paints without guile or pretension; the ancient ruins of an abbey which conjure up the silent shadows of the cowled men who once trod each devout footstep on its cold stone floors ...

These are the stories that I wish to share - images of things that make me happy because they stimulate my imagination; remind me how lucky I am; surprise and seduce me; keep me from dwelling on the insignificant and inconsequential - and ensure that I truly see and appreciate all that our awesome World has to offer us ...

My love of animal photography inspired me to set up my fledgling Pet Photography business - Rascals Pet Photography.

I also pursue my love of everything 'floral' through my Wild Carrot Photography website & blog ...