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Post by Fivedeed » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:35 am

This info is for any club member who doesn't do their own printing ...

After the recent demise of my first choice printers, Redwood, I decided to take Graham's advice and visit Allan Snaith at Elmstead Market.
His company is called UIS Art -and he mainly works with artists to produce quality prints of their work. This means that he is knowledgeable about top quality papers and helping you to get the best results when printing your work.

I was very impressed when I visited him for several reasons -:

1 - Keener prices for all his prints and canvas prints than Redwood.
2 - Friendly and approachable.
3 - Simple Dropbox uploading of prints - or visit his studio in person with USB stick.
4 - Hands on approach - happy to work with you to choose best possible end results.
5. - Good choice of high quality papers.
6 - Has long-standing relationship with local photographers as well as artists.

Whilst I was there I met a regular client collecting a set of amazing prints that Allan had done for him. I loved the way they had obviously worked together to produce the photographer's work - much more of a personalised service.

Allan printed me a free A4 print on the spot to show me what he could do - he suggested a high quality matte paper to enhance the effect of my particular image -and I was also able to choose the cropping on his iMac screen. I was very impressed.
I think that I would probably choose this hands-on method in the future rather than the Dropbox, in order that I could get the benefit of his experience to get exactly what I wanted.
I called him before I visited, in order that I could ensure he had time to help me and I got the impression that was what his regular client had done.
I am definitely going to use him in future - it will be really great for my Slice Gallery images.

His website is

I thoroughly recommend you pay him a visit :D

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