I started my photography aged 10 with an Ilford Sportsman camera which took black and white roll film and could be set for cloudy or sunny. My snapshots were just that.

At university I learned how to develop black and white film for metallography and used the same techniques (in my mum's kitchen) with 35mm film exposed using my Zenit B SLR, which was all manual. It did not even have a light meter. However, I mainly used colour slide film.

Accelerating through better film SLRs and two children (more snapshots) and we arrive with the digital age where I chose eventually to go the Nikon full frame route. So now I use my D750 with short and long zoom lenses and a newly acquired Sigma macro. I still take snapshots but try to compose and expose with more thought.

I am a generalist taking photographs of anything that interests me, whether a beautiful tulip, a surfacing humpback whale, a mustang fighter or a dead gannet tangled in a nest made of discarded fisherman's nets