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Creative Shots is a small informal and independent photography group based in Colchester, Essex.


We take a different approach to the traditional camera clubs. Our aims are to provide a forum where members can enjoy the benefits of a club environment whilst promoting the art of photography, no matter what your interest or level of expertise.

Success is judged in open discussions not by print competitions, or perceived experts.

The programme is varied and includes visiting speakers, in-house evenings and we regularly view our work for discussion after being given a theme. Open evenings are for members to bring along any images which they have taken recently or are passionate about.

It is an informal and friendly photography group, more an opportunity to see other people’s work, discuss various aspects of photography and make new friends.

We aim to pass on knowledge and experience and help each other achieve the results we want, whilst gaining knowledge and experience from others.

What is evident from our meetings and review of individual’s work is the sheer diversity, passion and creativity of the group in promoting a continued interest and above all the originality of its members.

Creative Shots was created to provide a friendly and reliable outlet for the creation of member’s images and as a dialogue to discuss and express our range of views and photographic technique. Through these images Creative Shots hope to inspire others, create enthusiasm for and promote photography as a rewarding and often challenging pursuit.

We are very excited and privileged to have been offered a permanent exhibition upstairs at the Slice Cafe, Colchester. Many of our members have taken up this offer so you will always be able to view (and purchase!) a varied range of our images whilst having a cuppa.

Our images on display upstairs at the Slice

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